Friday, November 18, 2011

winter's bone

Today was the first real rain here, and as I went outside, thinking to myself that I'm dressed warmed enough
I got so wet and completely soaked in the rain, I rune all the way to my appointment fearin getting pneumonia.
Thankfully, I got home safe and now I can drink some tea and to cuddle with my blanket.
Even though the winter cold could be really sucking, at least there is a way to fight it, and with style!

So here's are the top five items for the upcoming chilly season:

1. Trench coat

{burberry nude, kate moss, rosie huntington-whiteley}

2. fodera hat

{magdalena ,Eugenia Kim}

3. Oversized sweater

{Stella Mccartney, Margaux Lonnberg}

4. Great skinny jeans [Burberry brit]

5. Ankel boots
{Church's Merthyr buckled leather ankle boots}

So, are you set for this winter? Tell me!

Lots of love,
xoxo,kate and the cake.


Everyone loves fashion said...

This is so me :) Love cosy big sweater and ankle boots!

Elsa Espindola said...

She does like like cara right!? I didn't notice it till now that you told me hehe.Oh I'm dying for an oversized knit sweater! they look so cozy:( I don't know were to find one,I think i'll get one custom made haha.Great choices,all 5 are essential for fall and winter:) xx