Monday, November 7, 2011

Two new obsessions

Hey there, sorry for not updating for a long time.
In the meantime i felt in love with two new things, i am looking like crazy around my town to fonde something
similar, but sadly my shooping bags are still empty, no luck for now...

The first obsession is nude strappy sandals:

Stella MCcartney s\s12

Bally s\s12

Isabel Marant s\s12

Then we have my other obsession, rings, i love rings so much, and this one is just so unique and special,
As you can see its a double band chain ring, the sharp-eyed of you could see that rosie at the headphoto is wearing it. it is by "made her think" and all i can think of is this ring!

Angie is also a fan of my fave ring!

Are you a fan too? what is your current obsession?


Rich Girls. said...

i'm loving thin, delicate, intricate rings at the moment. one for nearly every finger. they just look so dainty and cute. x.

Rich Girls. said...

ps. i just saw that i'm in your blogroll. nawh, thank you so much! you're way too sweet! x.

Rich Girls. said...

pps. wow, those vogue shots with freja, lara and dree are so similar to the australia's next top model ones. i think they definately may have been inspired by the pages of vogue. thanks so much for showing me! x.