Friday, November 11, 2011

The black dior.

The lovely Natalie Portman has been the face of Dior for a while now, as she appeared in the "Miss Dior Cherie" ad and lately also a makeup forever campaign.
So it is not surprising to see her in another Dior advertisement.
As you can see at the picture below,
Nat is having a fierce moment, as she poses for the camera for her mascara ad
At first I thought it was a nail polish ad, but it's not, well, I think she looks amazing and that her makeup is wonderful.

"the face of Dior’s new mascara. New wand with a smaller applicator than before, creates fuller lashes. A black swan look on any girl."  [from here]

Apparently, Natalie's "Black swan" co-star Mila kunis is set to be also a Dior girl, well not for sure yet but someone saw her this Tuesday shooting an ad for Dior at the Odeon in NYC. nothing is confirmed, but if this is true, I'd think that Mila is more of the right choice for a mascara campaign as she got the most beautiful big eyes ever, although I love Natalie's shoot.
"yes, I'm totally the new Dior girl"

Do you like natalie portman new ad? would you like to see mila kunis as a Dior's spokesmodel? tell me!

kate and the cake.

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