Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Victoria Beckham is High Fashion

Congratulations to Victoria B on her win tonight at the 2011 British Fashion Awards — Designer of the Year! How great is that? I truly belive she deserved it, after giving us really a good classy well done line,time after time... She is developing as an desinger and it seems that everyone just love her clothes. Oobviously she wore one of her dresses and she looked lovely and very beautiful, I think she
she's gotten more more pretty as the years came by and now she is just one of the most magnificence
woman out there i know. [Well, read the gossip on]

with marc jacobs and kate moss

And how sweet is her winnig speech? Dont you just love her?

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ttFN said...

I'm so glad she won! She really worked for it and she deserves it! x