Sunday, September 25, 2011

this week best dressed

This week we had lots of events, as it is fashion week and freinds,
but my heart is with some other best dressed.

first we have angelina jolie, usually i am bot a big fan of her "all black and boring" style,
but as she toke some flying lessons, she wore a really cute outfit.
it seems like a dress by T for alexander wang, dont you think?

then we have rosie HW who is actually flying, with her lovely valentino bag
and the must amazing Burberry's Mink Fur. this look is to die for!

and finally! little flyn is wearing something new, and its absolutely adorable!
i love this baby so much! the hat with the shirt and the cutest face ever makes him my best dresser
for this week!

 so,who is your favorite dresser of this week?

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