Friday, September 2, 2011


finaly!the full Burberry's Body campaign is here,and it looks amazing.
so as we all know british model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the face with the classic trench coat
of the brand. the photographer is Mario Testino.
the look is very clean as rosie is wearing nothing but the coat and she keeps in with
the claen and frash nude look[see the post before.]
the ad itself is very nice and seductive,the song is "rose" by "the feeling" which is
a lovely british band.
i wonder what is the smell as i got a month ago a burberry fragrance called "touch",
the smell is sharp and spicy.
for a reasone i think this one will be between the miss dior to the chloe,
a little sweet but very pure and clear.
i'd love to try it,and as soon as it get to the store in my town i will test it.

what do you think of the "Body"?

all pictures by tumbler


between peace and happiness said...

Thanks for the lovely comment kate! I'm intrigued to see what this perfume is like scent-wise... x

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much.

Anonymous said...

Rosie looks amazing in these ads... I haven't tried the perfume, I'm still faithfull to my Coco's Mademoiselle haha :)

great blog, thanks for passing by!