Friday, September 23, 2011

pink dose it better!

Hey there!
its seems to me thats lately everybody are going ROSE,
but this time,not in a small sweet way of a new dress or shoes but going all the pink way to the hair.
after watching the first 10 minutes of GLEE new episode [and stoping right there.] i thought to myself that i'd love to pull off that hairdo as diana agron is pulling it off.
this trend has yet to disappoint me, even katy perry is rocking that look!
while not only the actrees and the singer started this fashion,
i think we could give the credit to the 18 american model Charlotte Free, who did that
after a break up with long time boyfriend and she decided to make a change.

diana agron in GLEE

Charlotte Free
katy perry

 what do you think about this drend?do you like it?would you like to try it?
who is your favorite roseate lady?

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