Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello friend!thank you so much for the comments in thr lads post.
Today i am going to talk about one of my favorite desginers,julian mcdonald.
julian is from welsh,and you might know hom from the show "Britain's Next Top Model".
he started knitting with his mother and from there his passion for fashion started.

spring-summer 11
I love julian desings for many reasons,first of all,his desings are beautiful.
he got the isabel marant's coolnes factor,Alexander McQueen's dramatic vibe and
Rodate's details qualities.
The first person i see in my mind when i think of julian mcdonald is cheryl cole.
cole,who used to wear his desings a lot,always looked completely stunning.
but last year after mcdonald said something about cole's new style
she swore that she will never wear him again.what a shame.
here are some pictures of cheryl in his dresses:
at the X-factor final
in the glamours woman awards 09

out for dinner

now tell me,isnt she looking amzing?
i loved his winter collection:

so,what do you think?are you a fan too?tell me!

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Oracle Fox said...

Oh I love Julien's work!! I think I would swap my grandma for that white cutwork mini dress eekkk!! xx