Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is you Secret, Victoria?

Who isn't totally in love with Victoria Beckham these days, right?
She is just so fabulous! And I truly think that giving birth to the lovely Harper 7
changed her to be an even better person inside out.
She is just radiating from happiness, and ho my, she is so beautiful nowadays!
And one of the best part is her hair, I mean how healthy and amazingly looking her hair is?!
I just want her hair style so bad, it is perfect, she should be a spoke model for a Shampoo label. I bet everyone would go mad to get whatever she is putting on her hair because it's so shining and glowing! Arrrrgg, I'm in love with that woman what can I do.


Are you also obssesed with her last hair due, What is you fave posh hair style?
kate and the cake!

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