Saturday, October 1, 2011

The DIOR combat

Yesterday DIOR had their s\s12 show, in lack of john galiano.
the collection was mad by the dior team and the leading chief was Bill Gaytten.
obviously, the house of dior are trying to get rid out of the galiano story
and start a new beginning.
so we had in the guest list people such as, rachel zoe, leighton meester, Julianne Moore and olivia palermo.

the show itself was nice, we had some really cute and sweet cocktail dreeses:


 the fabrics were transparent, delicate, and lots of use in chiffon.
as for the colors, we had some really classic outfits with black,nude,white and so,
but also a great pop of orange and brightness.

in efforts to be relevant and talked about, dior knew a use of a supermodel who lately evryone are talking
about wont hurt, this is miranda kerr, her husband oralndo bloom was there too taking pictures of his wife catwalk.

but the best part of the show was the beautiful black dress that Magdalena Frackowiak rocked!

eventually, i think that the show was not so bad, i belive that the house of DIOR is starting to recover from the mess they had.
still, there is a lot of work to do when it comes to the collection, there is need in more drama, unexpected and surprising things.

what do you think?tell me,
kate and the cake!

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