Saturday, August 27, 2011


from now on i am going to write about fashion and friends,so i hope you will enjoy.


so lately,after john galliano got fired from dior, its been all over the news the million dollar question:
who is going to replace him.
names like ricardo tisci[givenchy],alber albez[lanvin] and more were linked to be the next lead dior designer.
this past few days there is a rumor that marc jacob is leaving louis vuitton to be the new fashion director of dior,
and while he is quitting,phoebe philo[celine]is going to take his place and design to LV but at
the same time she will stay at celine.
from all that talking i was thinking to myself who i'd like to seeas the new fashion director of dior,
and how come he wasnt connected befor..
you know who it is?

well my friends,my choice is zac posen!
in my opinion he will be perfect for the job.

1.while in his on label there is always some kinde of trouble,in dior he will be
surrounded by other Professional worker who will take care of him.
2.posen to me is very much like galliano in the creativity way,both of them are colorful and like to take risks and have extreme designs.
3.maybe not the most important fact,but as for dior big bosses,i am sure they want nothing like
an other problem like they had with galliano,and as we know,posen is jewish which make sure
he wont come with any anti semitic comments to no one.

what do you think?would you like to see zac posen in the head of dior?
coco rocha for zac posen resort 2012,

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